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Bases and trips

  • Air Paradise offers you, directly from the beach, aerial touristic trips to discover the incredible beauty of New Caledonia!
    Our pilots and instructors, trained in France, will share the experience of a take-off and a landing, an exceptional and unique sensation!!!

    The of our seaplanes

    Thanks to the seaplane, you are at the nearest to discover mammals, fish and all the other details of wildlife.
    You are also safer because no land prevents us from landing on the water and even on the land depending on the weather.

    The seaplane does not pollute!

    No engine exhaust in the water.
    No propellers under water
    No underwater pollution.
    No damage under water (30cm draft).

  • POE Base

    Admire the turquoise-blue hues of this shallow lagoon with incredibly transparent water. You can even see the activity of the seabed: turtles, rays, dugongs, sharks, dolphins...

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  • OUANO Base

    In a paradisiacal setting, ideal for a seaplane excursion, we take off from Ouano, 1h30 from Nouméa, with its hectares of mangroves mixed with the many white sand beaches.
    Soon Available !

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  • POINGAM Base

    You have arrived at the end of the world! At the northern end of New Caledonia is the essential stage of Poingam, a wild land that will always be a favorite one!
    Soon Available !

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