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Professionnal Flights

  • Aerial photos or Videos by Ulm Hydravion

    Holder of a DNC (Declaration of Competence Level) and a MAP (Special Activity Manual) for aerial photography, our Air Paradise pilot will provide you with the means to carry out your project under the best conditions.

    A beautiful picture can give you an incomparable overview.

    Whether you are an individual or a professional in charge of the communication plan for a company or around an event, it can be used for your advertising, decorate your interior, for the tourist trade, serve as proof after a disaster, etc. . . .

    • The formulas : Photographic hikes

      20 mn : 15 500 CFP
      45 mn : 28 000 CFP

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  • Safari Hikes

    We go in search of large marine mammals, to see them as closely as possible and take pictures. Our pilot knows the places where dugongs, dolphins, Manta rays, sharks, etc. . . .

    • The formulas :

      Safari Hikes 20 mn : 15 500 CFP
      Safari Hikes 45 mn : 28 000 CFP

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